sexta-feira, julho 01, 2005

Mini Momentos - Falta de Tempo é uma merda...

Pois malta fixe, ainda não será esta semana que vou conseguir fazer alguma coisa de jeito neste tasco, o tempo, por estas bandas, anda muito curto. Mas como uma "antevisão" do que será colocado aqui durante a próxima semana, acerca de uns meninos bonitos a fazerem por aí comentários feios, deixo-vos um cheirinho da linha que seguirei quando me lançar ás feras!!!

Pennywise - Perfect People

All the perfect people, Shallow and deceitful
Staring back at me on TV and magazines
Look so good like a box of fresh wrapped twinkies
What the hell happened to me?

So I took a drive to a rich and wealthy country
Saw everything I wanted and everything I need
Went right up and tried to join their party
You oughta seen the look when they saw me

Fucked up eyes- Stupid grin
Perfect people won't let me in
Who's who list- Where's my name?
They won't let me join their game
I bet you think that I'm insane
There's no one left for me to blame
Screw the perfect people
Fuck, they all look the same!!!

We're not much to look at
Too short, dumb and so fat
Never gonna win a beauty pageant, it's a curse!
Always gonna be a better doorman at the best clubs
How could thing's be any worse?

Don't have much to go on, don't want your opinion
Don't have much to gain and I ain't got much to lose
Looks like you got it all and I'd really like to Get some
You got something I could use

Deu pra entender? Bom fds!!!

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